Richard Wilkins was on tv this morning talking to writer Phoebe Sparrow, who says she gets judged because of her blonde hair.

Stace disagrees, and thinks her life became easier when she went blonde, so we decided to ask our listeners for their take.

MOLLY – “I’m a natural blonde, I dye my hair red and whenever I tell someone that i’m a natural blonde, they always say “Oh but, you’re so smart”.. If i had my natural hair, people would just think i’m dumb.”

BEN – “I’m blonde, I’ve got longer hair so I kind of get pictured as a surfer or skater dude.”

KIM – “I’m a natural blonde, I don’t think we have it harder, I think that we get to play on it a little bit more. The whole stereotype of dumb blonde can be taken as a positive. I go to uni, and one of my friends said “I didn’t even know you had that in you”, it can a secret weapon.”