Adult Acne: We’ve got all the answers in one place!

The feeling of insecurity, lack of confidence and constantly avoiding mirrors is something we don’t want you to deal with anymore.

Thinkergirls to the rescue!

We’ve created this Adult Acne Forum for you to share your best tips with everyone. AA- Adult Acne. Hmm… there’s nothing anonymous about this forum- we want you to be loud and proud about sharing your advice so others who are experiencing the same thing can get the best advice.

Just post your best skin care tips in the comments section and let’s get this conversation cleared up!

Kristie’s Tips:

Adult acne is the worst. I’m speaking from experience here. Because about a year ago, at 25 years old my skin was in the worst state it had ever been in. Way worse even than my teenage years. So I did what anybody in a crisis does – I sought help on the internet and came up trumps. Not only was there really limited info on why my skin would be breaking out almost a decade after puberty, but it also made me feel more alone. So what better reason to start a space online where people can share their stories, struggles, miracle cures and prove that adult acne isn’t just something that effects YOU! 

For me, I was introduced to the world of facials. I always thought they were a luxury and I never had enough money to justify someone rubbing cleanser on my face – but a friend told me I should look into ‘acne facials.’ At first they were super painful, but after the first few I really started to notice a difference. Chatting to the beautician about the mish-mash of products (typically whatever was on sale at the supermarket) I was using also opened my eyes to how important it is to have a solid skincare regime going. From her recommendation I started using Environ and it legit changed. My. Life. I’ve never received free products or been asked to endorse them either PS. so I mean it when I say that. I started cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night (and still do religiously) and even though the products are really expensive they work, and I couldn’t put a price on the confidence it gave me. I still use the Sebuwash cleanser that has Vitamin A and tea tree oil in it so helps dry out the skin, the Sebutone toner and the AVST 2 moisturiser. The products work in a step up system as your skin gets more used to the active ingredients so as my skin got clearer and clearer I changed what levels I used accordingly. What worked for me might not work for you, but it’s definitely worth looking into! 

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  • Angela says:

    Do you know whats worse ? Bacne. That’s right. Back acne. I’m now in my early 20s and my bacne is worse than my face. In my early teens I had pretty bad facial acne but it’s cleared up since then. I get one or two spots here and there on my face, but my bacne is a constant issue. With your face – you can cover that crap up, but when it comes to your back in summer it’s so bad. You feel really dirty cause you’re sweating up a storm back there and you feel too embarrassed to take your top off to wear a bikini. And all one pieces nowadays are backless. It’s a constant struggle (especially when I try to get intimate too)

  • Whitley says:

    My bad skin problems started when I was 12 and have got worse every year since. I have tried absolutely everything you could think of, from the bad and nasties like proactive, to taking the Oratane pill to using expensive skin care routine treatments. Everything works for about 4 months. They all left with with perfect skin and sky high confidence. But unfortunately the acne came back worse and worse each time. My skin now feels incurable. I have spent well over $3000 on treatments and all have lead to no cure. My self estime is basically none existent, I refuse to leave the house without make up. I don’t have a social life anymore because I am paranoid people stare at my acne. I honestly feel like tearing my own skin off. I can’t take much more of this self hatred. I feel trapped in my own body. I just want to be able to look at my reflection and feel happy. I am exhausted. I don’t know what else I can do. Help!

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