Every since Kristie had her pubic hair lasered off, she’s noticed something very different and unexpected.

Since the hair in that region has returned, it’s grown in very differently to how she remembers.

“It’s like a man that’s gone away to war and come back changed”

Before, it was black, short, and curly.

Now it’s a much lighter brown, it’s shiny, it’s soft and it’s DEAD straight.

We’re not sure if this is something to be concerned about or if it’s normal, so we got Dr. Ginny Mansberg from Embarrassing Bodies Down Under on the phone to tell us about it.

“You’ve thrown quite a bit at your hair follicles that determine the length lustre and curl of your hair, they basically haven’t recovered”

Ginny’s gut feeling is that it’s destined to be soft, brown and curly from now on, but she also mentioned that no university has done a serious study into how lasers affect pubic hair.

Maybe we could be the pioneers of this study?

Hear our full break with Dr. Ginny Mansberg: