Kristie spotted a sign on the back of a cab while she was on the way into work yesterday: “Hungover? You’re over”

Even in our parents generation, drink driving was a much more normal thing to see, and while it’s great that it’s so frowned upon now, a lot of people still don’t know when they’re technically allowed to drive again – especially the next morning.

The truth is, while you’re on the way through the maccas drive through the next morning, you’re probably still over the limit.

So how do can you tell if you’re still over when you wake up?

Nutritionist and health industry myth buster Fiona Tuck joined us on the show to tell us all how it really works.

The first thing to note is that if you’re feeling hungover, tired or dehydrated, your reaction time is going to be slower and you’ve got more of a chance of causing an accident on the roads than if you were well rested and alert.

As a guideline when you’re out drinking, two standard drinks will get your blood alcohol level to 0.05, and one alcoholic drink every hour after will keep it there. While this is a general rule, it does depend on your size and what you’ve had to eat.

A healthy liver takes about an hour to clear one standard drink, so you’ll want to wait the same number of hours as the number of drinks you have, or longer if they have more alcohol than a standard.

You can find Fiona at @fionatnutrition