Get ready for some serious knowledge that is also seriously important. It turns out that you probably don’t know enough about your thyroid – Kristie didn’t know that both women and men had them too until yesterday.

We realised we should educate ourselves

Michele Chevalley Hedge is a nutritionist, health writer and thyroid expert, and she’s got the tips that are so important for us women to know.

1 in 4 women between the ages of 25-35 have a subclinical thyroid condition, because that is the period when the most is going on with our thyroid and hormones – If the thyroid is out, there are other hormones out too.

Thyroid problems are often talked about as being overactive or underactive.

An overactive thyroid could be caused by an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s, and on the underactive side, the autoimmune component called graves disease.

People with an underactive thyroid are generally slowed down and metabolically slugish, they gain weight, have constipation and dry hair, as well as slurred speech.

On the hyper side, people with graves desease get racey, they’re tired but wired, their bowels are moving quicker and all of their metabolic processes are going a whole lot quicker

Time magazine said that thyroid conditions are one of the top 15 most misdiagnosed conditions, and while there are plenty of tests to check your thyroid, most doctors will only give the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test, which in reality only gives us a very small idea of the thyroid.

What’re the risks for thyroid conditions?

One of the major risk factors is genetic predisposition, which is why Michele strongly recommends preventative wellness.

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