Kristie’s Wingwomaning skills for Stace haven’t always been great, and while she’s been trying to change her ways for such a long time, there hasn’t ever really been the progress she needs…until now.

This new approach is right up Stace’s alley, and it’s all about opening up your heart chakra to attract guys.

Here are Kristie’s tips:

1. Focus on the present

A lot of the pain that we carry around can be caused by stressing over things that have happened in the past, or dreading things that haven’t even happened yet.

Kristie suggests that meditation isn’t the only thing that can help – Running, Kickboxing and Cycling all force you to live in the NOW.

2. Be open with your emotions

Being open about your emotions doesn’t have to mean saying it out loud all time, sharing with a private emotional diary can help just as well.

Kristie says that screaming into a pillow will also do the job.

3. Accept that what will be will be

Take some time to acknowledge what is in your control and what isn’t, and then CHOOSE not to stress about those things. It’s almost a way to to gain control over the things you can’t control

4. Have a glass of wine

Or something else that is considered to be an indulgence for you. Stace is pretty sure she’s got this one covered.

5. Add some green into your life

The heart chakra is represented by green and symbolises harmony, health, creativity and nature.

Wearing green or being around it in your every day life could help open up your life to a person.