In Kristie’s relationship, when it comes to not having babies, it’s her responsibility to make sure that the contraception is working. This is the case for a lot of girls in relationships, but it looks like it might not have to be for much longer…Because there is new news in the way of birth control for DUDES.

So far, we know that the new method is still being tested and is on the way to being trialled in humans, and that the results so far are looking VERY promising, with trials in monkeys being 100% effective with no side effects.

Called Vasalgel, the method works by inserting a gel inside the vas deferens – the tube sperm travels down – effectively blocking its passage, while still allowing other fluids to travel normally.

This definitely beats the pill as there are no hormones involved at all – that means no mood swings, no bad skin days and no random weight gains!

Would you rather your man take the hit with birth control? Kristie loves the idea.