The past weekend was one of the hottest all summer for Australia, hitting 46 in some areas.

When the weather gets like this, it’s tough going for girls getting dressed up for a night on the town.

Frizzy hair is impossible to control, sweaty backs and cakey faces, but everyone’s committed to a fun night out.

Stacey was out at a bar during the heat wave and noticed a good majority of ladies at the venue were badly sunburnt – the crispy, raw sort of extreme sunburnt that’s very hard to get accidentally. Tonight on the show, Stace had some thoughts to share about how these people are treating themselves in the sun.

How have we missed the message?

“Slip Slop Slap” has been drilled into us since we were kids, and people still aren’t using sunscreen!

Stace is white like a large amount of people living here – and the one message that anglos are constantly forgetting is that we’re not actually supposed to be here –  we broke in. The aboriginals aren’t getting burnt, but our skin is meant to be soaking up the sun in the dreary UK, where the average temperature is half of what we’re getting down under

We shouldn’t be expecting to be completely safe in the sun, and it’s time to start putting on sunscreen and stop killing ourselves.