Liza called the show tonight with a VERY important question about Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

In the upcoming WA election, liberals are leaning towards One Nation and giving them votes. Could this encourage more people to side with One Nation because Liberal are?

“Political smart guy” Barry Cassidy joined us on the show to explain how this could happen:

20 years ago, leader of the Liberal Party John Howard always said that he’d put the one nation party last because he didn’t want them to gain momentum. Liberal is now saying that One Nation is a much more sophisticated party, they get more media attention and they’re smarter, which is why they’re getting liberal’s preference.

Liberal’s vote gives them respectability that they didn’t have before – If you get a major party like the liberals giving them preference ahead of the greens, labour and nationals in WA, It has that impact, and gives them more respectability than they’ve ever had.

Pauline Hanson’s political party publicly hated asians, then muslims. When you attack a race or religion, you CAN NOT deny racism, which is why Liberal has such a tough judgement to make – how important is this to them?

Should Liberal take a politically pragmatic position that helps them get re-elected or do they take a stand on something as obviously wrong as racism?

Barry says that the media is also partly responsible for the rise of Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party. Pauline Hanson’s celebrity status is having the same effect that it did on Trump, and it’s giving her a free kick.

Hear our full chat with Barry here: