There’s been a real spotlight on women in sport over the last couple of months with the start of the AFLW season and we’ve been right behind it the whole way – but there’s one question that we needed a hand with, and we invited sports commentator & journo Sam Lane in our convo on where the line is when asking women in sport about what we’re actually curious about.

This question came up last week when we had Matilda’s co-captain Clare Polkinghorne on the show and planned on asking about her thoughts on whether more women being involved in sport will encourage girls to not be afraid of being physically hurt on the field, but didn’t want to seem trivial or like we were gender stereotyping.

This is a progression of the conversation that Sam has been talking about for weeks, and while nobody has asked her yet about the topic, it’s something she’s definitely thought about.

“How am I dealing with interviewing a whole band of new footballers who happen to be women rather than the men that I’ve been questioning for 15 years??”

“I hadn’t ever thought of adapting my points of interest based on gender”

So where’s the line on asking girly questions that we genuinely want to talk about?

Sam says that if we’re interested in asking if a player is getting a spray tan, we should!

“The hairstyles in the ALFW are pretty outstanding, its adding to the freshness and appeal and it’s not sexualised at all”

We’re proud that we’re checking ourselves around these questions, but we ask blokes about their personal lives on the show – so there’s no reason to hold back on chicks!