Jessica Adams is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


If it’s secret, if it’s covered up, or if nobody knows that you’re involved, then skip this weekend because the eclipse is not the time. Try next week.


Your friend on social media has no boundaries and neither do you, all the more reason to skip this week for a big decision. Try waiting.


It looks as if you need to make an epic work or uni decision this week, but do allow for the fact that you’re only seeing half of the story.


An interstate or international connection in your life calls for a decision that you may want to avoid this week because of a hefty eclipse, and you are ruled by the moon.


You obviously have choices to make about the money, the business, the house or the apartment, but if you can play for time, you’ll be operating with a lot more knowledge.


It’s all about your ex, current or potential partner this week, but as you won’t see what you need to see, you may want to delay your decisions.


Your work, your body and your lifestyle shows you a little of what you need to know, but not enough. If you can play for time, then do it.


You might think that you know what the answer is to a love, sex or babies question, or maybe you’re even being told, but this weekend has an eclipse, so wait for it to be over.


You obviously have a crossroads choice to make about your flatmate, your apartment, house or family, but the only issue is low visibility. Can you take more time to choose?


There is an internet, smartphone, computer or multimedia question hovering, but try and make it another time if you can when you know more.


You seem to have a blind spot about the money, the house or the apartment, the business or the stuff, so allow for that when you’re making the choices, especially if paperwork is involved.


We have a solar eclipse in the sign of the fishes (your own zodiac sign) on Sunday, which hardly ever happens. You may want to make a decision about your image but you might also want to wait until life is clearer.