Dinner time at our houses doesn’t really exists night to night because we’re working, but over the weekend it is a bit of a special thing for us… Kristie’s boyfriend Zane doesn’t agree though. She quoted him as saying “I despise the necessity of eating” on tonight’s show, and we had HelloFresh founder Tom Rutledge on the show to ask if he’s alone, and what regular Aussies think of dinner time.

It’s not the same for everybody

Tom and HelloFresh have done plenty of research on what Aussies are doing at tea time and what they think of its place in the 21st century.

Dinner time is really stressful and a lot of people link that to a dislike of the dinner routine

There is a whole rigmarole around planning what to eat and a lot of people think that the trauma of going to the supermarket is just too much.

It’s a choice that isn’t just made once a week, but 3 times a day – Everybody is always busy and we’re so assaulted by choice that eating out or ordering is becoming the norm in more and more parts of the country.

HelloFresh surveyed 1000 households and found out that 97% of Australians actually want to cook.

It’s an enjoyable past time and there is an open and shut creative experience – You start with a lot of things and you finish with one, which gives people get a sense of pride.

If only we could do it more often!

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