In a Thinkergirl first, we’re launching our very own research project – we’ve heard that there’s a hidden side effect to the pill… Apparently chicks who’re on the pill are attracted to less masculine guys than those who are off it. There have been whispers that going on the pill changes your taste in physical appearance, the way a guy’s voice sounds, the way they dress and the way they smell.

We haven’t found ANY official research on this – so we’re doing it ourselves.

We’ve found a group of girls who either just started or just stopped using the pill, and we’re catching up with them every week to see what changes they’re noticing.

Here’s our girls:

Jessie has just started on the pill, and at the moment has a VERY specific type.

I’m usually into hispanics, I like the short kind of chubby guys with facial hair. Kind of muscular but kind of not because I like the chubby look.

Sarah is going on the pill too, and at the moment likes very manly men – dark hair, beards and a few tattoos make up her perfect guy.

Claire has been off the pill for about 6 weeks now and is already noticing changes. She’s been in a relationship for 18 months and says that it’s seen a huge improvement since she stopped taking the pill. My relationship with my boyfriend is better than it’s ever been, you just see so many things clearer than you ever would have before.

Hayley has just gone back on the pill after a while and thinks that her body is slowly recalibrating. Honestly I have to say that i’m finding him more attractive because he’s a pretty guy. Hayley has noticed her man’s feminine features more, and she said that she’s more attracted to him than she was two weeks ago.

Gillian has been off the pill for about a month, and while she used to be attracted to younger guys who were shorter than her, she’s noticed herself preferring more masculine, bearded guys with big arms, and in general she’s more interested in picking up.

We’ll follow these chicks as the weeks go on to see if our research stays as promising as it looks right now!