Jessica Adams is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


You’ll need to rebalance the scales with your ex, present or potential lover this week. Take your time, as it is stormy astrological weather.


An opportunity for a better work situation or lifestyle is in front of you, but you’ll have to work to get there this week.


You need to find a radical new way to make a group or a friendship work, as everybody wants to be free at the moment.


Freedom and independence are very important to you at work this week, or with uni or unpaid work. They are also vital to other people, so you all need space.


It’s all about the world wide web this week, and how to make it work for you in very new and different ways. Just watch what goes in writing, as it’s hard to undo in the heat of the moment.


The time has come to hang a price tag on independence. This is about more than the money or your home or business, it’s about room to move.


You don’t have radical change involving your former current or potential partner unless something was preventing you from being free. That’s what you need to remember in this electrifying week.


The right path to take with your body and lifestyle this week is the one that you don’t normally take or the one that you never thought you would.


Lovers or children spell radical change, and if you are prepared to do or say the one thing that would set you free, your life will change as well.


Your home or family situation must give you as much room to move as possible this week. If it doesn’t, then you may call a revolution or find that the revolution calls you.


One particular project or idea is proving to you how important it is for you, him or her to be independent, So you may need to reshape this.


When you line up the facts and the figures this week, look at the true cost of being your own woman or the price that you’d pay to do your own thing, as that’s the only budget that really matters.