Mitch called our TG smart political man Hugh Riminton from Channel 10 with a very good question about the PM and opposition leader:

Why does Bill Shorten continue to do so poorly as our opposition leader when the coalition is struggling and the PM’s personality rating has halved? Isn’t it time to reset the labour leadership with a fresh face?

What Mitch is really asking: Why is Bill Shorten not doing so well if Malcolm Turnbull is doing even worse?

The polls at the moment aren’t looking good for the government, but Malcolm Turnbull is remaining the preferred Prime Minister in a two headed race.

There’s an interesting little poll that comes out from an outfit called Essential, and they found that Turnbull, despite all of his problems, is still seen as the more intelligent, capable and honest politician over bill shorten.

The interesting thing is that there is so little regard at the moment for either man, and yet neither looks like they’re going to be challenged because there’s not really anyone else to go with. We don’t want Julie Bishop to be our prime minister, and going back to Tony Abbott will never happen, so at the moment, the public has chosen the best of a bad bunch.

One thing that Hugh has noticed is that in Queensland and Western Australia, the mining heavy states, there is a big move turning up in the polls towards one nation. While it’s unlikely that Pauline Hanson’s party will ever form a government, they do have the capacity to build up increasing numbers, and to be very influential in the senate, making it harder and harder to get legislation through.