Cassandra Tyndall is our new TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


Due to a recent rash decision, you may have to go MIA this week or at the least, do some major sucking up. An image overhaul is also in the stars as well as an old friend or even an ex coming out of the woodwork


A lucky break comes your way this week, send that pitch or proposal, attend the work functions you’d normally avoid. You’ve been blessed with the gift of the gab, and Tuesday is your highlighted day for schmoozing and getting ahead in your career.


An a**hole at work may be plotting your demise, but it’s likely that your boss will take your side. Keep your cards close to your chest. Remember not everyone who smiles at you is a friend. In a cosmic plot twist, a ‘just a friend’ could turn into one with benefits.


Your website, social media profile or the internet in general is your key to success, especially if you’re busting balls at work right now. A sudden and amazeballs opportunity in your career may lead to a change in location too.


A stroke of genius on your behalf can help you out of a sticky situation with cashish. Get savvy with your spending and negotiate yourself a better deal, especially if you’ve got credit card debt.


Your relationship needs a serious D&M. A cashflow breakthrough is possible for you both, especially if the two of you join forces financially.


Maybe consider a little me time to sus out your own wants and needs. especially if your current relationship feels like it’s becoming a bit snore bore. With your patron planet heading backwards, it might be an idea for you to tap out, even if it’s just for a bit.


You’ve been busy AF all year, but don’t stress, because that will come to a close this week. Finally you can chill out and put some lovin’ back into a neglected romance.


All the goods are yours this week, with joy, happiness and plenty of opportunities floating around. But you need to take them by the balls. a former fling may come back from the dead or a promise of a new romance is possible. Any hookups that begin now are likely to be just that


Sticking the middle finger up at what should be going your way will be a big theme for you this week. Yeah, you may ruffle a few feathers, especially with family, but your happiness is what’s most important, right?


An inspired idea to boost your cash flow will come out of nowhere. But suddenly this week, a friend or sibling may offer to help you out. They most likely will change their mind in a month or so, but say yes to any help that is on offer, just don’t rely on it.


Your hard work and dedication in the workplace begins to pay off in sudden and unexpected ways. If you play your cards right, you can milk this situation to help you reach your ultimate money goals. Someone else’s loss may also be your gain.