Dee called our TG Loud Line looking for advice on something that a lot of us have dealt with. How do you cope with a breakup that you know is definitely the best thing, even when you miss your ex?

Right now, Stace is the number one support person to a girlfriend of hers who is dealing with this exact same problem. She gave Dee her top practical pieces of advice.

1. Compare how lonely it felt laying next to him unhappy to how you feel now.

Stace is SURE that it feels more lonely when you’re unhappy and with him. When you’re doing healthier things for yourself, neither of the options are fun, but there definitely is one better than the other.

2. Ask yourself; “What do I want and deserve in a relationship?”

Keep thinking about your answer when your sex creeps into your thoughts, because you’ll learn to understand that they aren’t the answer.

3. Work on your self worth.

All of this stuff will come from within, and the more you work on it, the less you’ll be attracted to your ex.

Stace says that when you’re working on yourself, It’s gets clearer every day that they’re not the right one for you.

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