Cassandra Tyndall is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


Your mojo has shifted towards your cash flow and you’re determined to do what you have to do to slay your financial goals. A slow, steady and determined attitude is your key to more money now.


Someone has been throwing shade behind your back. This week’s full moon will spotlight a potential frenemy and you’re well positioned to not take any BS. A feisty attitude will ensure others know where they stand with you.


Mercury, your ruling planet, changes signs this week; reflecting some changing feelings about your friends or even your bae. If you feel uneasy about someone in your group, initiate a real talk. Be prepared for changes within your tribe.


This week’s full moon will give you a kick up the backside regarding study and adventure. Get organised and make some decisions that will help catapult you toward the future you know you want.


Planetary pairings involving your ruler the sun and serious saturn suggests you need to cut back on spending on fun and romance. This weekend, save some cashish and just netflix and chill.


You may be feeling a little emo this week as the full moon falls in your sign. Use this energy to devise the perfect plan to slay your personal goals under a special alignment in your sign that will only last for a couple more months.


When it comes to relationships right now, the struggle is real. Retrograde action across you and your bae is just making things harder than it needs to be. Focus on some healthy selfishness right now and do your own thing.


Sensual mars in your love zone can spice things up if things have become a little snore bore. If you’re single, a bold and confident attitude to dating will bring the boys to the yard.


If “I can’t even” has been a regular feeling for you, then it’s time to get organised. The full moon this week highlights both work and home. Tidy up, declutter and streamline; This will help get your mojo back


Focus on what brings you a sense of joy this week. Confident mars fires up your fun sector. good times, fun, flirting and frivolity is what it’s all about. If your social life has become lame, then take action and change it.


It’s all about your debt this week, with the full moon highlighting your moneys owns. Get focused about your bills and what you owe; you might be able to cut a better deal somewhere else. If saving is your plan, then make it happen.


Make it about your bae this week under the light of the full moon. Relationship progress toward the future can be made by discussing the details. Clarify any confusion, and ensure you’re both heading in the same direction.