Kristie has found the latest and greatest beauty product on the market, and it seems to be right up Stace’s alley.

An article that we found last week detailed what celebs are doing with their lady bits – Emma Watson is using beard oil down there, and Gwyneth Paltrow has said that she steams hers in the full moon outside, which Stace is very interested in.

Enter a product called V Magic.

It is a feminine lipstick, and it works like any other chapstick, except it’s not designed for the lips on your face.

V Magic apparently keeps your vulva balanced, moisturised and purified. It’s made with organic avocado oil and honey and is great for stopping itchiness in one of the most awkward places that you could ever itch.

Stace thinks that a chapstick fix seems a little too easy for whatever would cause itchiness down there, but organic products are up her alley, so could it be worth a try?

The only bit of warning on the V Magic box: “Only use on the outside”…what does that even mean?