Cassandra Tyndall is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


Happy Birthday Aries! It’s all about you right now with a pile up of planets in your sign. Be prepared to switch things up, change your mind about things or head in a new direction. Anything is possible, you only live once.


After last week’s drama, you might be feeling #sorrynotsorry – With mars in your sign you probably don’t even care. Keep your head down, bum up and stay focussed on what you want. Don’t let naysayers bring you down.


There’s a planetary party in your friend zone for the next few weeks. Your social self will love changing things up with how you spend your time. Say a big yes to sudden opportunities or to trying new things.


Your career is under the celestial spotlight now. Unexpected changes as well as new and exciting opportunities may cause chaos. Potential career progress can be made in quick and unexpected ways, but make sure you know what you’re worth.


New and sudden opportunities for study or travel open up for you this week. Over the next month, jump on board opportunities for adventure. An overseas trip or a new chance that will help get you promoted may show up.


Cashish is on the agenda this week, but this time, you’re on point to negotiate your own terms. A sudden new opportunity or a loophole you didn’t see can help you snag a great deal.


I can’t even describe your horoscope this week! If you’re happy to make it all about them, that’s okay, but if you’re sick of being taken advantage of, then you really need to call it a day.


Life is about to get pretty hectic for you as another planet enters your groundhog day zone. Life may feel pretty dull right now, but it looks as though the moolah is rolling in!


You’re known as the party sign, but you’ve been a bit dull lately. The sun has now entered your house of fun, love and romance. Spice things up, do something a little radical or different, throw the middle finger up at convention.


There’s a lot of focus on your home zone right now, but in a cosmic twist, sexy mars has dipped into your romance zone. Don’t go out and get your kicks – Netflix and chill anyone?


With your learning and travel sectors active, you may have your head stuck in the box, or you’re busy getting out and about around town. Keep an eye out for a new opportunity this week.


This week kicks off a super busy month for you where lots of extra cashish can be made. Keep an eye on everything you earn and spend or all your efforts will go to waste.