Cassandra Tyndall is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


A combo of planetary pairings brings uncertainty whether to speak your mind or play nice this week. Go with your instinct as a new moon in your sign brings good things your way.


You’re in a real ‘go slow’ vibe this week. Action planet mars in your sign forces you to soldier on, but you’re really keen for rest and retreat. Delegate non essential tasks and chill out if you can.


You can put the proverbial foot in it this week with your friends or your colleagues. You’re prepared to take one for the team in terms of expressing your real opinions this week.


The new moon this week not only marks the astrological new year, but also triggers your career zone. New beginnings are promised at work; what do you wish to manifest?


Overseas travel, adventure, or the internet will help fire up your mojo this week as a new moon triggers feelings of ‘anywhere but here’. Where would you like to be? Wish for that.


You might have to approach debt and investment from an unconventional angle this week. Your ruler mercury and quirky uranus will bring flashes of insight to guide you in your next financial move.


Changing attitudes may inspire a conversation that is out of the norm for you. If relationships are all to hard right now, use your charm to get someone special back in your corner.


You’ve got sexy mars in your bae zone, but you’re too busy to enjoy the fun. Under the new moon, organise your diary and free up some time for love and romance


You could really raise the kink factor this week as planets pile up in your fun and romance sector. When it comes to fun between the sheets, speak up about what you want.


A link with chatty mercury, and your ruler saturn will prompt you to voice your opinion at home. Go for gold and say what you’ve been holding back for far too long.


Quirky uranus meets with mercury encouraging your usual mojo of saying what you think. If you’ve got needs not being met, then put yourself first before your tribe


Decisive action is needed with finance. A powerful new moon in your cash flow zone will help set the tone to enrich in your money goals if you try something new.