Every girl dreams of a gorgeous diamond sparkler sitting on her ring finger, but, it turns out, they aren’t actually that easy to design. We went looking for the more questionable engagement rings of the world, and here are the worst of what we’ve found…

1. This one, which looks perfect for someone on board the starship enterprise, but hell on earth for the other 99 per cent of the us.

(Picture- etsy:valajewellery)

2. This one, which made it out of the workshop WAY before it was finished

(Picture- etsy:leebonkboutique)

3. The Snail. Why would anybody want this creature on their ring finger?


4. For the cyborg in your life. Maybe this ring will also make you fly!

(Picture- etsy:artmasters)

5. Perfect for all of the… octopus lovers?

(Picture- etsy:adamfosterjewelry)