Jason called our Loudline with a question that so many people (including us) have had in the past.

I just need some advice on finding a house. My partner and I recently got evicted and we’re having trouble finding a place. Application after application keeps getting rejected and any advice that you could hand across would be great!

When we say call us for any problem, we really mean it, and Kristie is walking talking proof that Stace knows EXACTLY what she’s talking about when it comes to getting a rental. Here are her tips.

1. Prepare your 100 points of identification and references. Print out photos of your license and whatever other ID makes up your 100 points, and get your two references (an employers and a personal reference) ready to go. Print it all out 15 times and have all of the paperwork in a bundle ready to go for when you need it.

2. Fill out the lease before you actually go to the inspection. You can go into the real estate place for the form or find it online. Handing the real estate agent everything they need at the inspection lets them know that you’re really keen and fully prepared.

3. Know someone famous. Stace admits that this step IS wanky, but it’s absolutely helped her and Kristie in the past. If you know anybody with a high profile or cool-ish job, ask them to help you out. Anything that will raise eyebrows at the real estates office will increase your chances of getting in.

4. Offer extra. If you’re really into a house or you’re in a very competitive area, Stace suggests adding a little extra to the asking price. This is a pretty sneaky trick, but it’ll increase your chances of being moved to the top of the list.

Hear our chat with Jason and Stace’s tips here: