Every girl wants that massive climax when it comes to sex…and the more ways the better.

The Thinkergirls asked Siri how many different types of orgasms women have and boy oh boy did Siri deliver.

According to Elite Daily, there are seven different ways to achieve maximum pleasure. Yes seven!

1.       Clitoral – as the name suggests, this orgasm originates from the clitoris and is the mamma of all ‘gasms.

2.       G-Spot – Ah that old chestnut. The one that seems to go missing when they’re down there…

3.       Nipple – This type of stimulation engages the same pleasure as clitoral stimulus… who would’ve thunk it!

4.       Anal – Relax with this one and get out the lube.

5.       Cervical – “Size does matter” apparently and if you’re practicing your kegels… OH MY GAWD.

6.       Urethral – Yes, this is where your number one comes out and responds to light touch and friction.

7.       Energy – The physical and the spiritual. Think Sting.

Be safe, Kids!