It’s that time of year again when the Fair Work Commission sets the rate for the minimum wage.

The Thinkergirls spoke to “political smart guy” Barry Cassidy to get the low down on the wage going up.

According to Barry, the change will affect 700 000 Australians and is set by the Fair Work Commission.

While the commission is the one to make the final decision, the Government influence it big time.

Last year, the minimum wage was set to $17.70, and this year, it is expected to change only slightly.

The Government are firm in saying that the commission must be cautious and initiate a modest pay rise.

“We shouldn’t be surprised by this,” Barry said. “It is uncommon for them to give low income earners a pay rise.”

The Government seem to believe that these earners mostly live in high-income households.

“If this is true, the obvious question is raised,” Barry said. “Why should it be denied to all low income earners?

According to our leaders, these workers are either students living at home or women.

Apparently these women earn a low income and rely on their husbands look after them. What is this? 1950?

Barry revealed that the Government were in a “bit of strife” for this assumption (DAH!), however, were able to bail themselves out because the Labor party made the same statement four years ago.

He also said that it might be the wrong time for the Government to be clamping down on low-income earners because of the current issue with the penalty rates.

“The Government are thinking of the businesses who have to pay the income, rather than the people,” he said. “The economy will not benefit because if people had more money to spend, i.e a higher minimum wage, that’s what would be good for business.”