Stace’s girlfriend is going back to work full time in 3 weeks after 18 months of maternity leave. She feels good, is ready to go back, and definitely wants to be at work.


Nobody from work has contacted her, she doesn’t really know what to expect, and it’s making her feel really anxious.

Apparently, this isn’t really rare in many workplaces around the country. So why does maternity leave seem to be shoved away?

Kylie Ostleis is from – An organisation that restores mums’ confidences when they’re returning to work after maternity leave.

Kylie has experienced this confusion before – she received an email just before she was expected back at work detailing a redundancy. This came just as she was trying to secure her place in a childcare facility, which can be VERY expensive.

There are actually no workplace standards around returning from maternity leave. There are guidelines and best practices, but they change from company to company, some of which don’t have any.

Returning to work is not a one size fits all approach, every mum requires something different returning to work, and it all depends on the demands of the role, and the demands of the child.

If you relate to this and need some advice, Mum Society hosts monthly events for people in this exact position.

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