Cassandra Tyndall is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


Money matters are on your mind as Mercury joins feisty Mars in your cashola zone. Take your time and consider all options before committing to a plan. The slow and steady approach is your best bet for keeping your cash.


Venus your patron planet has backtracked into one of her favourite signs. A friend or an ex who has dropped off your radar may attempt contact but there’s no need to rush your reply.


As your ruler tours the luxurious sign of Taurus, you may find cashish slips through your fingers. Carefully consider each time you whip out your EFTPOS card and ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’


You might be a little more emo than usual at the start of this week, as the Moon hangs out in your sign. A confrontation with your bae on Tuesday may uncover hidden truths. Clearing the air will do you good.


A mega opportunity may land in your lap this week, as the Sun and Jupiter face off. Consider the offer carefully, it may just be too good to be true.


Plans for travel and adventure may unfold as your ruling planet enters your adventure zone. A bold attitude may also get you noticed if you’re looking to make waves on your social media accounts.


A little extra care and focus on your health and wellbeing rituals is needed now. This could be a day at the spa or staring at an empty wine bottle at 3am, whatever floats your boat. Just chill out.


Remember that song “Let’s Talk About Sex?” It’s a bit of an oldie, but the cosmos is asking you to talk about what you want in all areas of love and relating.


It’s quite possible you’ll overdo fun and good times this week as Jupiter and the Sun align across your pleasure zones. Life’s a party, it’s time for you to live it large this week!


You might feel pulled in all directions in the earlier part of the week. Things will die down by Wednesday and your focus will return to fun and good times!


Extra cashish may fall in your lap this week. A bonus, or money owed or promised may finally be settled. As the Moon manoeuvres through your bae zone, you’ll have the additional finance for romance.


Planetary combinations involving the Sun, Venus and Jupiter put you in an amazeballs position to negotiate more cashola or, a better arrangement on your loans, bills or investments.