The Thinkergirls speak to ‘Smart Political Guy’ Barrie Cassidy every week to get insight into all things political.

The aim is to educate millennials and answer the hot questions on their mind so that the political scape is easier to navigate.

This week, Barrie spoke about affordable housing, Mark Latham and tolerance in Australia.

Ryan, is a full time worker in his mid 20s who asked about affordable housing in Australia.

“How can we expect that the people who make the policies are going to want to fix the situation when they are benefitting from it,” he asked.

Barrie believed that part of the problem is the opposition brought in the solution – ‘negative gearing’ and that the Government cannot bring it in themselves.

“If we were to wind that back and abolish it altogether, it really would help first home buyers,” he said.

John wanted to know if Mark Latham was simply ‘misunderstood’ when it came to women?

“The big problem with Mark Latham is he specialises in misogyny,” Barrie said, while adding “Mark Latham is a sad, failed politician and he’s now reduced to Facebook because the market has failed him.”

Karen called into ask about Hirsi Alley pulling out of QandA and what it said about Australian tolerance.

“It is a reminder that tolerance cuts both ways, you want people to be tolerant but then you have to tolerate the views of those who disagree with,” Barry said.

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