The Thinkergirls want to give you the hairy low down on down below.

Thanks to Siri, we found out some facts that we’re sure you didn’t know!


FACT ONE – The longest pubic hair in history was 28 inches. That’s 71 WHOLE centimetres.

FACT TWO – In Asia, women pay for pubic hair transplants.

FACT THREE – Pubic wigs are a thing. We’re serious.

FACT FOUR – There’s a biological reason that your carpet may not match the drapes. Hair colour is determined by the amount of melanin in the area it’s growing.

FACT FIVE – We’ve had hair down there since we were kids… we just couldn’t see it.

FACT SIX – Pubic hairs are exchanged when you’re doing it with your partner……

You learn something new everday.


Listen to the girls Ask Siri below: