The Thinkergirls spoke with Jackie O about her experience living with endometriosis.

At the age of 18, Jackie woke up one morning in extreme pain and didn’t know what was wrong.

“I’d never had any period pain in the lead up,” she said.”I went to doctor after doctor, being tested for ulcers, cysts and everything else and no one had ever mentioned the term ‘endometriosis’ until she was 32 years old.

Before Jackie had even heard of the term, it seemed that no one was talking about it or even considering it as a diagnosis.

“I don’t know how I had gone for so long undiagnosed without that [diagnosis], because had I had known as soon as I was diagnosed, they did tests and said, yep, you need to have an operation and I got it fixed quite quickly.”

The pain would come like “clockwork” at the time of her period and even sent her to the hospital for morphine. As Jackie got older, the pain got worse as time went on.

“I tried everything you could imagine,” she said. “Acupuncture was quite effective but it didn’t entirely get rid of it.”

Due to the lack of knowledge, Jackie decided to give up and just “live with it” and told herself she was just “one of those girls that have really bad period pain” until one day she was told about endometriosis.

Endometriosis can be debilitating and affect your day to day life.

Last month, Jackie came to work during a particularly bad episode. The pain was so severe that she stayed in her parked car, slumped over the steering wheel.

Jackie suggests that anyone battling the disease should keep on top of their diet as eating healthily assists with the pain she feels each month.

For more of Jackie’s story including the time she was injected with a needle for elephants, click on the link below:

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  • Emma Dudley says:

    I can relate to Jackie, before I was told that I have endometriosis I was seeing the doctors and at 15/16 it’s so embarrassing and they never said that I had cysts, they sent me for ultrasounds for kidney stones and thought at one point it was my spleen a d said to my parents to take me to a hospital if it gets bad and at 1 am went and it wasn’t until 7am that they said it was just my period.
    It wasn’t until 2009 that my mum took me a different doctor and in that first consultation that she said you have endometriosis and put me on the pill. I feel that when I do get my pain that I feel I am being dramatic, I do feel that my partner has learned a lot when it comes to me and my pain and is so supportive and loving to me.

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