Lately we’ve come to the realisation that we SERIOUSLY need to up our Instagram game. Kristie is always trying to convince Stace that posing IS the way to go, but what can you do when it doesn’t come naturally?

We asked our instagram inspo Lea Michele for her tips on putting together a great post when you know fashion, but not posing.

Lea is one of those people who takes VERY good, artistic shots – The type of hot photos that have you noticing; “this bitch knows her angles”. She’s not ashamed of showing off, and we got her advice during our on air.

“Do what feels good for you, we don’t try to do something just because everyone else is doing a certain post or posting pictures in a certain way. Find what you think looks cute and you do that. That’s the thing about Instagram, it’s a form of expression and a way for people to have fun and not take it too seriously.”

We all know that our Instagram won’t be exactly like Lea Michele’s, but that’s a good thing!

Of course, there’s always going to be a list of things we can improve on: we stalked through Lea’s page to put together this list of Insta tips and help you make a great photo in your OWN style.

1. Lighting
ALWAYS pay attention to where and when you’re taking a photo. The first tip to getting rid of those ugly shadows is to consider how the lighting conditions are around you. A shady outdoor area on a bright day is your best bet for an even, warm photo. In this one, leah was stepping out of the shade just enough to let the sun hit the edges of her outfit.

Napa mornings… I’m never leaving.✌🏻☀️

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2. Colour
Colour is the first step to an awesome themed insta page. Lea has made green a big theme on her page, and it’s not just through filters. Trees, big outdoor areas and green interiors are seen often. Colour isn’t the only way to bring consistency to your page, try similar backgrounds, textures or locations!


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3. Filters
Filters need to be chosen extremely carefully. The trick is to find a balance between what works for your photo, and what works for the rest of your page. Lea doesn’t have any black in her photos, which give them a great vintage faded look. Spend some time trying different options before you post!

Tan lines😛

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