Sometimes we need to be stroked like a pussy cat and other times, we need to be pounced on like a lion…sexually speaking of course.

But how do you have the guts to ask your SO for exactly what you want?

The Thinkergirls were joined in the studio by US Sexologist Susan Bratton, author of the book “Sexual Soulmates: 6 Essentials for Connected Sex”, and she gave a two step response.

Women are cyclical, so they want something different every single day – as their partner, it’s sometimes hard to know what they really really need.

Thus, STEP 1:

Communicate what your needs are by letting out your ‘inner animal’.

It’s important to tell your partner when you are feeling like a soft kitty or a badass lion.

AKA the “Sexual Soulmate Pact”, the agreement is to tell each other what you are up for. By communicating, this takes the pressure off.


Make sure you acknowledge your partner’s “compliance” to this new situation. Thank him (or her) with sweet words to let them know they’re doing a great job.

For more of the interview with Susan Bratton, listen below!