They say opposites attract, but do they really?

Kristie was told that she and Zane looked really similar and she wandered a) if this was super weird b) if there was a reason behind it.

According to scientific study, it’s not mistake that we end up with people who look like us.

We’re attracted to familiarity – and who has a more familiar face than your own?

“When you have a face that looks more like you, you tend to trust it more and think it looks more cooperative,” Tony Little, a researcher in psychology at the University of Stirling in Scotland told USA Today.

EHarmony did a study based on one million people and found that individuals were more likely to be interested in others with similar characteristics.

According to the results of the survey, brains process familiar images more easily.

There’s also evidence that we are attracted to our genes – making us all a little bit narcissistic.

Identical twins take it one step further and usually pick very similar looking partners…or even marry another set of twins.

We also look to people’s faces for similarity in personality.

“Smiles are important social cues that may tell us whether or not someone is friendly and eyes are also a traditional focus of attention,” Little said.

The weirdest part is when we ‘grow to look like our partners’. With a lifetime of common diets and mimicking facial expressions, apparently we grow lines and wrinkles in the same place! How weird!

So all in all, don’t be too worried when people mistake you and your SO as siblings… it really just means you belong together!