It’s a known thing. We can’t all like the same things.

If we did, there wouldn’t be room for improvement…or fun like ruining a friendship.

On tonight’s ‘Best Of’, the girls asked the Thinker Posse to call in and get on-air revenge against their friends…

Those friends who were so brutally honest and had outwardly said they hated something that they had done.

It got us thinking?

How many ways can you say that you don’t like something, without saying those four little words?

  1. ‘It’s not really my thing”
  2. “That’s not my jam”
  3. “That ain’t my bag”
  4. “That’s not for me”
  5. “I’m not a fan of it”
  6. “Yeh, Nah”
  7. “I’m not fond of it”
  8. “It doesn’t tickle my fancy”
  9. “I’ve seen better”
  10. “Mmmm No”

What about you? How do you say you don’t like that?