Cassandra Tyndall is our TG Astro Girl! Here is everything in store for you this week:


Thursday’s Full Moon will spotlight your finances. Confusion about what you earn and owe could make it difficult to make the right choices. Until you figure it out, avoid spending on what you don’t need.


Relationships are on your radar this week as the Full Moon illuminates your love sector. Intense feelings may come to the surface, revealing hidden truths and deep feelings. Avoid making any major love decisions until later in the week.


A lack of clarity around your life direction may feel confusing during this week’s Full Moon. You’re still feeling happy overall, but the facts of the situation remain unclear.


Focus on joy and happiness this week as the Full Moon lights up your pleasure zones. Coffee catch-ups, dinner dates or even spending more time around kids will lighten your mood.


Confusion around feelings at home may rise to the surface under the Full Moon. Be honest and open about your feelings, even if you’re not totally sure of what they are.


The urge for new experiences peaks under the Full Moon on Thursday. Writing, learning, travel and adventure is on the cosmic forecast. Making a decision about the direction to take may be tricky though!


Issues around cash flow may come up, especially on Thursday. A lack of clarity around exactly what you’re earning may be a part of the problem. Check your pay-slips and bank accounts if things don’t seem right.


Deep feelings, introspection and even moodiness may kill your mojo around Thursday. Talk about it with your partner but avoid making any decisions until the weekend, when your focus returns.


You’re generally jolly self will need some time out this week. The Full Moon in your most private zone highlights the need to chill out and do what rejuvenates your soul and spirit.


The luckiest sector of your horoscope is illuminated under the Full Moon on Thursday. The rewards you’ve been waiting for will begin to manifest and all the hard work will would have been worth it.


Confusion or a lack of clarity about your career or life direction may come up around Thursday. You’re an authentic kinda person. Be straight with yourself but put off making choices until the weekend.


Dreams of far-flung destinations, adventure and travel come up for you this week. There are so many places you’d like to go. Avoid making decisions but allow yourself to be inspired with possibilities.