Kristie found an article about the history of pubes and it was super fascinating.

So what IS the history of hair down there?

ANCIENT GREECE & EGYPT & ROMANS: It’s bare down there

As far back as Ancient Greece and Egypt, women have been shaving their pubes.

For them, the practice was more functional than decorative, the less hair on their bodies meant the less chance of catching lice.

EUROPE: 1500s: Hair, hair and hair

European women used to don ‘merkins’, a ‘false fanny piece’ designed for the pubic area – made from goat hair.

Some women did keep themselves bare for erotic reasons, however, when Queen Elizabeth 1 decided to keep her pubes and shave her eyebrows, a new trend was born…

This “tradition” seemed to stay for the next few centuries – with the exception of sculptures and paintings of female nudes.

FIRST HALF OF 20th CENTURY: Shave hair…but not your bush

1915 brought the very first razor, released by Gillette who is still at the forefront of shaving products.

During World War II, there was a Nylon shortage and women had to go bare-legged. This meant it was time to get rid of those pesky leg hairs! Not long after, the bikini was invented in 1946, and out came the razor for women to clean things up.

1960s AND 1970s: FREE LOVE

During the sexual liberation, having a full bush and lush armpit locks were a symbol of the counterculture.


In the 80s and 90s, the world was still loving hair and it was thought to be creepy to not have any down there.

In the late 90s, the world fell on it’s head and having a brazilian became a celeb trend.

Thanks to the infamous Sex and the City’ episode in 2000 – it was official. Hair was out.

Listen to what the girls have to say about pubes down below (pun intended):