Tonight on the Thinkergirls show, Stacey and Kristie opened up the conversation about owning a house.

After watching 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Stacey was concerned that there are too many other generations giving commentary on the future of millennials and Gen Y.

“Everyone is commentating about it but not many people are asking us what it is we want,” Stacey said. “They don’t know what the Australian dream is to us.”

how MuchStacey was frustrated by the comments that Tim Gurner, a 35-year-old Financial Investor said during his interview with 60 Minutes.

“There is no question we are at a point where the expectations of younger people are very high,” Gurner said. “They want to eat out everyday, they want to travel to Europe every year.”

“Yes we do.” Stacey said. “Which part am I missing that this is bad?” Stacey asked. “Who said owning a home is the be all and end all?”

Gurner also stated that it was ‘very dangerous for the economy’ and ‘dangerous for the ambitions of the younger generations to own a home’.

“Cancer is dangerous; ISIS is dangerous…” Stacey said. “Not owning a home is not actually THAT dangerous.”

Kristie also agreed with the sentiment and said that she wasn’t fussed if she owned a home or not.

“They are speaking FOR the younger generations,” Stacey said. “No one is actually asking us if it is still the Australian dream to own your own home. You might want that, but does that mean you are going to sacrifice other things for it? Maybe not,” she said. “And is that the worst thing in the world?”

Listen to the full conversation below: