The Thinkergirls discuss the shocking tragedy of the Manchester terroist attack ABC Insider’s Barrie Cassidy.

Barrie drew the girls attention to a comment made by Greg Sheridan from The Drum.

“Ariana Grande by the standards of the Islamic state and the Taliban and Al Qaeda, is a scantily clad young woman performing for young teenage girls, not escorted by their fathers or brothers. This is everything that jihadists hate about Western Society.”

The question that he asked was, is this relevant? Does Greg know if this is the real cause to such a shocking event.

What does it imply?

“Do we not allow that to happen because it might encourage some sick coward to kill kids?” Barrie asked.

Barrie was concerned that if we point this out, it puts responsibility back on Western Society and “it’s not Western Society that need to be changing their attitudes.”

“These sorts of things seems to bring out the worst in people,” he said.

Stacey admitted that she is very cautious with the media that she consumes, but she chooses not to “bow in too far” and tries to only get information from networks she trusts.

Once you start to consume, Stacey believes that it becomes a spiral effect of victim blaming.

“We already have this catastrophic event to deal with and what messages we are sending out is even worse,” Stacey said.

“We’ve got things like this going on and there needs to be a way that we are dealing with it and not making it worse. That we are giving information out and not making our life, worse.”

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