To continue the convo about the ‘future of relationships’, Stacey and Kristie spoke to Reuben Coppa, the founder of the app ‘Rendevu’.
While most start ups try to steer clear of the sex industry, Reuben and his app, went hammer and tongs towards it to create a unique platform for clients to find sex workers.
The app aims to offer a safe and secure space for escorts and erotic masseurs to organise their availability, pricing and location, while clients are able to discover them and request a service.
According to Reuben, there’s a serious lack of customer experience within the sex industry he felt the app would fill a void.
So what does this trend mean for the industry?
By downloading the app, clients are able to “order” from the comfort of their own homes, without needing to leave their house.
According to Reuben, with the launch of the male escorts in the last couple of months, women have been very keen to use the service.
“There’s more demand and less avenues for females to engage males,” he said.
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