Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


The weekend could bring a series of events that prompt you to change direction. Your tastes, attitudes and habits, including those in the romance department may face a radical or kinky shift.


Energetic Mars has been firing up your mojo with money. He won’t revisit your cash flow zone for another 2 years. Get organised or get focused with money now.


If you’ve been burning the candles at both ends recently, things may start to slow down a bit by the end of the week. Even the most curious social butterflies need to chill out sometimes.


A series of events at work are likely bring about some exciting developments. A shift in your outlook could bring about the changes you’ve been looking for career wise.


Your ability to attract good luck this week continues. Shining your radiant light and generous spirit toward your friends and colleagues will be your source of good fortune now.


The weekend sees a boost of luck with cash flow thanks to the Moon and Jupiter. An extra shift at work or a random debt repaid will leave you in the money.


Relationships may take an unexpected turn this week. Being upfront about what you want may leave you in a make or break situation. Authenticity is what counts right now.


Focusing on finance this week will inspire you to do the things you want to do. Travel, adventure and discovery beckon but you must get your money in order first.


Action planet Mars prepares to leave your relationship zone, not to return for 2 years. Extra effort, energy and passion may be required in love this week.


The frantic pace of your day to day schedule is about to slow down. This week may be a bit of a grind, but once it’s over, you’ll have more time for love.


You’ve been enjoying a fair amount of life’s simple pleasures lately. This is about to come to an end so this week, be sure to say yes to coffees, dinners and dates.


Switching up your approach or attitude to money is highlighted this week. Embracing technology or doing something out of the box will help you boost your cash flow.