Tonight on the show, The Thinkergirls spoke with the deputy leader of the opposition, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP about the ‘Until We All Belong’ campaign.

As it says on Ms Plibersek’s website, “the best way to stand up for our community is to fight for the things that are important to us,” and currently the Sydney Says Yes To Marriage Equality is at the forefront.

Our views on marriage and families in Australia have changed over time, and Ms Plibersek believes it is time that our Government follow suit.

“The marriage equality campaign is not saying you have to be married to have a worthwhile relationship, it’s simply saying, whether you’re gay or straight, you should have the same right,” she said.

Stacey asked why “How come the Labour Government didn’t [make the change] do it while they were in power?”

To Ms. Plibersek, strides had been taken, but not enough.

“We did change change including removing discrimination against all same sex couples who are defacto couples,” she said. “But you’re right, it is unfinished business. This is something that we absolutely should do now. It’s a change that has taken society sometime to catch up with.”

She also went on to state that the change would “happen within the first 100 days if elected”.

Last week the Australian Medical Association called on the Government to legalise same-sex marriage and cited it as a cause for significant mental and physical health risks to the LGBTQ community.

“Discrimination has a severe, damaging impact on mental and physiological health outcomes, and LGBTIQ individuals have endured a long history of institutional discrimination in this country,” a statement said.

There are two groups of people that are damaged by the decision. Young people who have just come out and children of same-sex couples.

“They are hearing a lot of negative messages how same-sex relationships aren’t as permanent, as rich, as rewarding and it’s a real problem.” Ms Plibersek said.

Children of same sex parents are also told by this message that their family are subject to family discussion, and this isn’t fair.

“Their lived experience is loving families, and if their mums or dads want to get married, they should be able to,” she said. “Families come in all different shapes and sizes. What matters is the love and care in that family.”


Ms Plibersek is the Shadow Minister for Education, Shadow minister for Women and the Minister for Sydney.

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