Stacey had a rare night in to herself. With a full list of relaxing activities planned, she decided to check her Instagram one last time…

“For one hour and ten minutes, I went through my entire Instagram feed and looked at it…” she said on the show tonight.

Stacey succumbed to the hole that was her own Instagram feed.

“You fall in deep holes and they feel even deeper when it’s your own feed,” Kristie agreed.

Wanting to know more about why we stalk ourselves, Stacey and Kristie spoke to Psychologist Danielle Maloney, who works with social media addiction.

“You are certainly not the only women doing this,” Danielle said. “This is a new kind of phenomena that we’ve found.”

Being in the era of technology, we are in the era of narcissism.

“We are very self-interested in our own lives and what keeps people coming back is every time we engage in the behaviour,” Danielle said, “There is a little nifty rewards centre in their brain and they get this huge rush of dopamine which is basically the pleasure hormone.”

Science has actually found, that every time you are revisiting your own page, our brain is releasing dopamine, which activates the reward centres in our brain, making it highly addictive.

From an evolutionary perspective, humans are biologically primed to compare ourselves to other people. It’s what they call “social comparison theory”.

You can now do the comparing on your phone rather than visually.

Hear the full chat below!