Todrick Hall is an American rapper, singer, actor, dancer, director, choreographer, and YouTuber.. or as he simply puts it – “performer”.

“Toddy” rose to prominence on the ninth season of American Idol were he made it to the semi-finals.

Since then, he has become notable as a Broadway veteran (most famously the lead in Kinky Boots), landed his own MTV TV show and is now a judge on the legendary Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

“it was all an accidental thing. I never necessarily intended on being a director or a choreographer or a song writer. I just wanted to make videos,” he told the Thinkergirls on their show last night.

After being eliminated from American Idol, Toddy (as he is affectionately known), refused to be one of “those people that no one remembered” and that he’d do everything in his power to get his art out into the world, in a way that he wanted to be seen.

“I actually lost all of my confidence when I lost American Idol,” he said. “I did Hairspray right after that, and I’d almost forgotten how to perform, how to dance. I was like a Robot. It was the saddest thing ever. This was the one thing I always loved to do and the only thing that would make me happy and I couldn’t even do it anymore.”

Toddy believed that YouTube, in some ways, changed his life because it was “all he had to live for”.

“I knew at aged eight that I was destined to do something special. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to be on Broadway, be in movies, be on television,” he said.

Toddy hit the big time as a lead on Broadway in Kinky Boots and it was during a season of his most recent (and popular) role as season judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, he found out he’d landed the role.

In a gorgeous twist of fate, Toddy was set to perform a legendary ‘Fight For Your Life’ for the contestants, to none other than a Kinky Boots song. MAGICAL.

Toddy’s story is true rags to richaes, and prior to his success, he had only flown on one or two aeroplanes.

“We couldn’t afford to go to Disneyworld that I could see other kids doing,” he said “My mum gave me the ability to create my own things. She would buy me props so I could make my own Disneyworld in the garage.”

Toddy says he owes everything to his Mum, Brenda Cornish. He said his upbringing and guidance has given him the ability to do what he is able to do.

“I have to create everything on my own,” he said. “Now when a door closes in my face, I always say, well there’s gotta be a tunnel. There’s gotta be a window. There’s gotta be some way that I need to get where I need to go.”

“I would do this for free because it is the only thing I love to do. Entertain people, to sing and dance and tell stories,” he said.

His new show “Straight Outta Oz” show is touring Australia now.

Watch as Todrick sings some of your fave Disney Songs for the girls and hear the full chat below!