Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


Your patron planet Mars activates your domestic scene. The next 6 weeks may be about home and family rather than friends and partying.


Venus, your ruler, is now in your own sign. Consider updating your look with some new fashion pieces or a new hairstyle. Improving your appearance will do wonders for your mojo.


Action planet Mars fires up your income zone, which happens once every two years. You’ll be motivated to improve your cash flow, seeking out new ways of making money.


Your energy and motivation is set to improve thanks to action planet Mars in your sign. The next 6 weeks, you’ll be geared up for self-improvement and kicking your personal goals.


Lucky charm Venus enters your career zone this week. If you’re job hunting, looking for a promotion or raise, your magnetic qualities will help you attract what you want out of work.


Your patron planet Mercury enters your career zone this week. This will encourage you to go the extra mile at work, and get noticed by the people that count.


You can make waves at work now that Mars has shifted into your career sector. A can-do attitude and getting things done can help you make progress over the next 6 weeks.


Venus now shines her light into your love zone. Enjoy the simple yet practical pleasures with your partner and indulge in the all the five sense together.


Communication planet Mercury enters your relationship zone. Talking about your wants and needs are important now. Don’t shy away from focusing on the details.


Mars now activates your relationship sector. Things might get extra hot and passionate now, or, the intensity could lead to emotional outbursts and arguments.


Life may get crazy busy now that Mars has entered your day to day routine zone. The next 6 weeks is a nose to the grindstone vibe. Be sure to do some self-care rituals as you go.


Your social life is set for an energy boost. If you’re wanting more fun, frivolity and romance, the next 6 weeks promise to be action packed. Get out of the house and say yes to exciting invites!