“As a human and as all beings, animals do this too and that is, you have a fight response where you get your back up, or there’s the flight response, which is, I’m getting the hell out of there,” – Kristie Mercer.

Stacey believes that she is a fighter, however, Kristie doesn’t believe she is either of those things.

Kristie thinks she is a third element and that is the element of FREEZE.

Psychologist Breanna Sada joined the girls to deliver some interesting research.

In the study of trauma, psychologists have identified that people do indeed freeze when faced with a dangerous situation.

“If we are in a physical threat, or something we perceive to be a threat, our body does sometimes shut down,” Dr Sada said, “If we don’t think we have the power to defeat it, or if we don’t think we are able to outrun it, our body will self paralyse.”

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