Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


Refreshed perspectives about love can help increase your luck in relationships. Whether single or attached, your headspace moving forward is more optimistic.


The stars align across your financial axis this week. Regardless of your cash flow, savings or debts, you’ll need to step up to responsibility for the financial future you want.


Relationships may test you this week. Feelings of limitation or lack will encourage you to do your own thing. A crazy friend can help you bring back your sense of independence.


Plans or projects around the home may be back on your schedule this week. Relationships at home also show signs of improving. Be optimistic about what’s possible now.


A push/pull vibe between your different social circles may tug on your heart strings this week. You’re curious about exploring all your options. Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back.


Striking a balance between home and work will be a major theme this week. You may be too focused on the details to see the big picture. Listen to others point of view.


Your phase of self-discovery continues this week, thanks to Jupiter moving forward again in your sign. Refreshed perspectives can help you move forward with optimism and a sense of adventure.


You may have to tap into your intuition to help you solve a financial riddle this week. Striking a balance between being prudent with cash and investing into the future is highlighted.


Someone close to you might mouth off a bit this week, potentially shattering your confidence. Don’t let the details get you down because you’re a big picture person. Focus on that.


Exuberant Jupiter is now moving forward again in your career sector. Promises and possibilities that seemed out of reach are now back on the table. Embrace a sense of optimism for developments at work.


Friendships and fun are highlighted this week. A friend may disapprove of a new hobby, interest or romance. Stay your original self. They’ll get over it.


Balancing home and work will be your juggling act this week. Spending time at home with loved ones will be a well-deserved break from the overload of responsibility at the office.