Tonight on the show, our Smart Political Man, Barrie Cassidy schooled us.

Our listeners called in and asked some very topical questions!

UK Elections has ended in a hung parliment, what does a hung parliament mean and how does it work?

A hung parliament is an expression used to describe a State of a Parliament that fails to win 50% of the seats.

“When you fail to get a majority, if no other party has no more seats than you do, you try and govern by going into a formal coalition or a loose arrangement with another minor party to give you the seats,” Barrie said. “What Theresa May has done, is she has tried to reach out to the Democrat Unionist Party which is a Northern Island Party to give her the required number of seats.”

The trouble with this is by joining this party, Teresa May, may have to give up some of her social morals to gain the support.

Some people are speculating Turnbull will have to call an election just two years into his three-year term why would this be the case?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball may be forced to call an election after just two years.

Senior figures in the Liberal and Labor parties are working to be ‘campaign ready’ by June or July of next year, with an August or September election.

In 2018/2019 there are fixed-date state elections and a constitutional requirement for senators who were elected to half-terms, to face voters again.

What’s going on with the immigration laws and citizenship changes that Dutton is working on at the moment?

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton will be given new stronger powers to override independent judicial decisions on citizenship applications under new laws to be introcues.

Currently, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has the ability to make decisions against Australia’s national interest by ignoring his department’s advice and overturning government deportation orders.

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