“I was really broken…” – Stacey June

Tonight on the show, the Thinkergirls wanted to know what advice you had been given during a break-up.

Stacey gave the advice she wish she had been given:

1) “It isn’t supposed to be fun. Change is hard. If the best stuff was easy, everyone would have it.”

2) “When you feel alone, think about how alone you felt when you lay next to someone that you knew in your heart of hearts, didn’t bring the best out in you.”

3) “Do not think you are a burden to your mates. If you think you are, go and see someone.”

We asked YOU, our posse to give us your best advice and here’s what you had to say:

“That it’s OK to do WHATEVER makes you feel better and to let yourself feel what you’re feeling instead of pushing it aside.” – @emilyandrewsofficial

“To get over someone, get under someone else.” – @kelsey_beth91

“That it might take a month and it might take three years to feel ‘normal’. Both are fine.” – @caitlinmill