Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


Your focus is firmly on home and family this week. You may feel overstretched by family members or a loved one wanting your attention. TLC for you too is important now.


Family comes first this week with a pile up of planets in cuddly Cancer. Where possible, delegate work related tasks and spend time at home.


A welcome boost the cash flow is promised with a New Moon in your money zone. Splash some cash and treat yourself to a long-awaited indulgence.


It’s all about you this week with 4 planets in your sign. You’re usually the giver but it’s your time now to allow yourself to be pampered and nurtured.


Despite a heightened popularity at work, your mojo is low. You’re in need of a mental health day and if possible, take it this week.


Be careful who you talk to this week as your ruler creeps up on powerful Pluto. Work colleagues or friends may lend their ear, but those who talk to you, will talk about you.


There’s so much action in your career zone, you’ll have little time for anything else this week. A New Moon can help you plant new seeds at work that will blossom over the next 12 months.


Some real progress can be made this week in your study and travel areas. As your two ruling planets face off, a decision to stay local or go global will need to be made.


A New Moon in your debt sector can help you bring a fresh vibe into your bills, credit cards or loans. This is also great astro if you’d like to begin a long-term savings plan.


Show a little tenderness towards your sweetheart this week. Put your personal projects and ambitions to one side and show your lover some TLC.


Health, wellness and time management are under the celestial spotlight now. If you’ve been putting off a new fitness regime due to time constraints, you’ve got the opportunity to make it happen now.


Fun, flirting and romance are heightened this week with lots of planets in Cancer. Say yes to coffee catch ups or dinner dates. A good time with those you love will be balm for your soul.