Relationship coach and Women’s Nude Yoga facilitator Rosie Rees, spoke to the girls about small breasted women and the fact that they don’t feel feminine.

Speaking from her own experience, she said that women who come into her naked dating classes with small chests, often feel less confident in a room full of other women.

To combat this, Rosie has suggested that you give yourself a breast massage and look after your boobs – whatever the size.

Straight from – see the best way to get comfortable with your body.

  1. Massage your breasts daily with a beautiful oil blend. Ideally 2 minutes (minimum) on each breast. After the shower is a nice time to do this. Massage them both slowly and softly as well as with firm pressure. Imagine channelling love and white light into each breast – receive this in through the nipples.
  1. Stop wearing a bra and allow them to be free. Notice how much easier it is to BREATHE when you don’t wear a bra! There is also research to prove that wearing a bra is actually counter-productive to having perkier breasts! Google it.
  1. When you look at them in the mirror, gaze softly at your breasts and repeat a mantra or affirmation that feels in resonance and alignment for you. For example, “You are enough”. Hold them and tell them this new story

Rosie Rees is a relationship coach, Women’s Nude Yoga facilitator and Crystal Sex Toy entrepreneur.

{Amazing photographs are from Rosie Rees website} <3

Catch the full chat below:

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